Austin Nash Park is a pianist, singer, songwriter, and composer from Vancouver, Canada. Classically trained and an alumnus of Berklee College of Music in Boston, Austin has travelled the world with his music, visiting over 20 countries and becoming a regular performer at prestigious hotels around the world, including the Fairmont Pacific Rim and Shangri-La in Vancouver, the Savoy, Dorchester, and Four Seasons in London, England, as well as the Shangri-La and Conrad Hotel in Tokyo, Japan, amongst many others. 

Austin speaks and sings in English, Japanese, and French, and his repertoire extends throughout the realms of classical, jazz, and pop music, including his own compositions. He currently lives in Tokyo, continues to compose and perform, and is 26 years old.

オースティンナッシュパークは26歳、カナダ•バンクーバー出身のピアニストと歌手、また作曲も手掛ける音楽家だ。ボストンのバークリー音楽大学出身のオースティンは、20カ国以上の国で旅をしながら、バンクーバーのフェアモント パシフィック リムやシャングリラホテル、ロンドンのサボイ、ドーチェスター、フォーシーズンズでのレギュラーパフォーマーとしての活動経歴を持つ。東京では東京のシャングリラホテルとコンラッドホテルにてレギュラーパフォーマーとして活動。




Live Schedule - Tokyo

Throughout 2019, Austin will be performing exclusively at the Lobby Lounge of the Shangri-La Hotel in Nihonbashi, Tokyo. The weekly schedule is as follows:

Wednesday, Thursday - 8:30-11:10pm

Friday, Saturday - 9-11:40pm


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